About uuuus.

What is build_shift?

build_shift is a forum that collects hand-picked job offers dealing with shaping urban and rural living environments that seriously focus on the principles of sustainability and fairness – be it from the perspective of culture, community, construction, technology, education, art, you name it. To ensure that the position is also sustainable for you and your well-being, we pay particular attention to meaningfulness, fair pay and a healthy work environment.

build_shift helps you find or post jobs that are fun and challenging, mostly in non-profit organizations, NGOs, associations, foundations, think tanks, research, culture, and education.


We collaborate with organizations that do not think too strictly in terms of educational pathways and qualifications but wish to find creative, committed and motivated people to bring in their courage and ideas.

If you are confused: our name before was altceva_space 😉

Our team




Melana has a background in urban planning, but her interests and work experience are wide-ranging and led her down the path of social and sustainable architecture and education.




Vadim combines his education and passion for the urban built environment and social sciences with broad technical skills and field experience in sustainable construction.




After her studies in urbanism, she explored unconventional and low-tech solutions and got fascinated by the use of organic materials applied in the architecture and construction field.

Join our team

We are always looking for creative team members with a keen interest in architecture and a passion for sustainability to join us for an internship of minimum 3 months.

More info here: Summer Intern