build_shift community exchange


Join us for our first community exchange and hop with us on a video call for one fun & friendly hour to discuss working in sustainable architecture and beyond.

For example we can discuss the following and more: motivation to work in sustainable architecture and beyond, challenges and potentials in current working situations, mentionable skills, working in architecture/urban planning in a foreign country, success stories but also failures and how to keep on looking for a job that makes sense.

Who is invited & where?

Students, job seekers, professors, employees and employers are all welcome to take part in the call. The event will be held online in the form of a video call.


We are planning to hold on the 30th of March at 18:00 CET.

Are you interested?

Let us know in the form below what topics interest you and we’ll see to tailor the call to make sure it will be most helpful for you!

Not sure what you want to talk about?

No problem! More than anything, we would just like to see your (beautiful) face and introduce ourselves as a resource, so you feel a bit more connected & supported in this big, shifting, built environment. 🙂