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International Summer School 2023 on earthen and bamboo construction


Hands-on experiences with regenerative materials is at the focus of these two intensive weeks, which are complemented by theoretical inputs and discussions. There is a unique opportunity to network internationally with like-minded people and experts.

Our goal is to bring regenerative materials back into architecture – for a sustainable future of building.


Participants choose 2 of 4 workshops where they work in small groups of 20-25 people.

adobe + earth blocks
Franco Noriega, Zoé Tric (amàco)

rammed earth
Dominik Abbrederis, Max Weidacher

earth + fibre
Becky Littel, Francois Streiff

Luisa and Verónica Correa, Daniel Stamatis (bambuterra)

The workshops involve an intensive exploration of the possibilities of the material and testing it with your own hands (and feet). Inputs and experiments will range from simple construction methods to larger scale application in contemporary architecture.

There will be opportunities for exchange between the different workshops, for feedback and discussion.

Material Science

understanding earth + bamboo as building materials

The summer school starts with a whole day on material science. The experienced teams of amàco and bambuterra will introduce the materials earth and bamboo and their special characteristics through inputs, experiments and practical exercises, including examples of traditional and contemporary architecture.

Theory Day

regenerative materials in contemporary architecture

We have invited pioneers who have developed new, unconventional materials such as hemp lime or sheep wool insulation or who are researching new topics such as 3-print or mushroom mycelium.

What does it take for these materials to find their way into architecture on a broad scale?

Peer Lectures + Expert Talks

cooperation is essential in architecture for change

Networking is an important part of our summer school. Peer lectures give participants the chance to present their projects and discuss them with the group. Guests like Anna Heringer and Martin Rauch are going to give some inspiring lectures and share their experience and visions.

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