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Mood for Wood international design workshop


It’s been hard to find balance lately. The pandemic, war, inflation and politics have rocked us solidly. We have little influence on global affairs. Therefore we recover our balance more often on a smaller scale and on our own – in parks, by the water, in the forest. Such places can be made even more welcoming and attractive with unusual and attractive forms of street furniture. The kind that participants of the Mood for Wood workshops have been creating for … years.

During the coming summer holidays, students and young designers will deal with the area around Lake Malta in Poznań. As every year, participants will design, make and place new street furniture and spatial forms made of wood in selected locations – carefully inserted into the spatial context.

This year there will be an opportunity to sail into fairly wide waters (albeit literally on their shores). Indeed, the area around Lake Malta is very vast and diverse. Instead, benches or seats placed next to it look much duller. Furthermore, there are too few of them. The workshop will therefore create much-needed new urban furniture for as many as six sites around Lake Malta.

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