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Transsectoral Summer School Viadrinicum 2023 Learning City. Beyond the Classroom


Viadrinicum is an annual summer school at the European University Viadrina in Frankfurt (Oder), devoted to the countries of the Eastern Partnership, and the larger context of Central and Eastern Europe. Its 2023 edition will revolve around the multifaceted question, how cities learn, and will look into the entanglements of urban learning and dwelling practices.

Departing from the UNESCO concept of learning cities, which emphasizes educational opportunities primarily from an institutional perspective, the school will invite students, young researchers, civil society activists, artists and cultural workers to equally reflect on the practices and spaces of everyday learning in an urban context. It will provide an opportunity to critically ponder the concept of learning (as well as unlearning) as a relational process, inquiring into its democratic and emancipatory potential. In the light of the massive (internal) displacement caused by Russia’s ongoing war against Ukraine, the issue of accessibility of cities’ learning infrastructures for the newly arrived will be especially relevant for this year’s Viadrinicum.

Following the idea of experiential learning, a combination of academic and non-academic formats will allow the participants of the school to actively explore the possibilities for a dialogue between different kinds of knowledge from academia, civil society and the arts. In a more practical sense, the school will offer opportunities for applied experimentation in the setting of a participatory urban intervention engaging local communities in the heart of the German-Polish twin city Frankfurt (Oder)-Słubice. This will happen in the frame of three lab.workshops (Doc.Lab, Community.Lab, Planners.Lab), where the participants will be able to develop their own small (team) projects with the assistance of facilitators from the respective fields.

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