Creative Producer Dutch Design Week

Biobased Creations - Amsterdam, Netherlands


Tasks: Hands-on & Crafts, Planning & Design

Topics: Circularity, Heritage, Culture, Art, Innovative Constructions

Type: Freelance

Experience required:

Language: Unspecified


without deadline


Societal challenges such as climate change, earth subsidence, CO2 emissions and the scarcity of fossil fuels require new, sustainable solutions. The call for a more biobased and circular society and economy is growing louder and ever more necessary. But what does a biobased future look like and how do we get there?

New Heroes’ biobased creations are experimental projects that model existing and future possibilities and celebrate the stunning beauty and impact of biobased materials in a circular society. Our narrative installations, exhibitions, lectures, and programs serve as ongoing research and discussion pieces that highlight the unknown, the stumbling blocks, and the question marks. Through our creations, we aim to shift the conversation about sustainability from “Is this possible?” to “How can we do this together?” Join us in thinking about new value chains and reconsider: what has real value and deserves it?

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