Geospatial Analyst and Designer

51N4E - Brussels, Belgium

apply before February 16, 2023

Tasks: Planning & Design, Research

Topics: Digitalization, Public Space & Landscape, Urban Transformation

Type: Freelance, Full-time

Experience required: Unspecified

Language: English is sufficient

51N4E is a Brussels-based international practice dealing with matters of architectural design, urban redevelopment, concept development and strategic spatial transformations.

We are looking for a data analyst and designer to collaborate on several of our programs in which we tackle increasingly complex challenges, such as food, mobility, and social cohesion, to realize strong spatial projects. If you are skilled in GIS softwares, and are comfortable with complexity, we are looking for you.

Inside 51N4E’s collaborative working environment, you will be working on projects across scales that challenge the status quo in urban planning and seek novel outlooks on how we design cities, landscapes, and communities. Together we will think about questions such as; Can we sustain growth without landtake? Which parameters to evaluate when transforming an infrastructure or public space? How do our individual lifestyle choices, transform earth?

Candidates must present relative proficiency in a combination of the following:
– Data ETL, Analysis and Visualization
– QGIS / Esri Suite / 3D GIS
– General programming / Python / Javascript / C# or others
– Revit, Dynamo, Rhino, Grashopper, other
– Planning and Urban Design

Please send your CV and 10 of your most representative work samples to, in any of the following formats:
Data Visualization (qualitative and quantitative)
Spatial Data Visualization and 3D Modeling

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