PhD Research - Territory, Urban Planning and Architecture

Técnico Lisboa - Lisbon, Portugal

apply before February 28, 2023

Tasks: Research

Topics: Urban Transformation

Type: Full-time

Experience required: Experienced

Language: English is sufficient

The Centre for Innovation in Territory, Urbanism and Architecture (CiTUA), is pleased to announce the opening of a call for 2 (two) PhD Grant position at the research area of Territory, Urban Planning and Architecture, under the FCT Regulations for Research Fellowships (RBI) and the Regulations on Research Scholarships (EBI).

A research project (including objetives, state of the art and methodology(ies)) framed in the objectives of the Line 1 of CiTUA’s research (Emerging forms of inhabiting the space in contemporary urban territories, resulting from the evolution of social demands).

The objective of this line is the understanding and advance of knowledge in:

a) social, cultural, economic, technical and environmental significance of built spaces and the interaction with public interest, memory and history, cultural diversity and local features;

b) the effects of spatial design on aspects of social, cultural, organizational and economic and environmental performance of buildings and urban areas;

c) the criteria and methods for designing architectural programmes that reflect new and emerging ways of inhabiting, considering new social demands and technological/digital developments (e.g. in spaces intended for education, housing, health, work, culture).

Additionally, the research project should include a working plan with the initiatives that it is proposed to implement in the framework of the CITUA objectives and activities. This document should not exceed 10 pages, written in Times New Roman, font size 11, with 1.5 line spacing.


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