Policy and Outcomes Manager

The Land Trust - Warrington, United Kingdom

apply before April 2, 2023

Tasks: Communication, Hands-on & Crafts, Management

Topics: Empower & Participate, Policies and Cooperation, Public Space & Landscape

Type: Full-time

Experience required: Intermediate

Language: English is sufficient

The Land Trust is a registered charity dedicated to the management of green spaces for community benefit.

The Policy and Outcomes Manager will report to the Communications and Marketing Manager and work closely with the Senior Leadership Team.

The post will be crucial to help the Trust to be able to demonstrate what we deliver for the communities who live and work around our sites, how we can assist numerous public and private sector clients with the long-term management of their green space, and how we deliver our funders’ requirements.

It will also take a key role in understanding the markets in which we operate, taking a lead in thought leadership, and engaging productively with Government at all levels as legislation is developed and put into law.

This exciting post will involve close working at a strategic and also hands-on level with Land Trust colleagues, managing agents, partners and external stakeholders across the country.

Key Responsibilities

  • Impact and Outcomes analysis and assessment
  • Research the external environment to increase opportunities for the Land Trust
  • Build a network to showcase the Land Trust’s Charitable Work and added value
  • Initiate research with the Land Trust to demonstrate the benefits of our operations and green space
  • Share knowledge and develop depth of understanding on green issues within the Land Trust

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