Postdoctoral position in life cycle assessment and digitalisation towards smart circular cities

ETH Zürich - Zurich, Switzerland

apply before October 30, 2023

Tasks: Administration, Research

Topics: Circularity, Digitalization, Innovative Constructions, Policies and Cooperation, Urban Transformation

Type: Full-time

Experience required: Experienced

Language: English is sufficient

The Chair of Circular Engineering for Architecture (CEA) develops research on matching reused architectural materials & projects through digitalization for circularity. Building design projects are often complex, multi-​variant problems addressed by numerous parties working in separate silos. The construction industry can learn from other sectors about adopting digital technologies and circular strategies. Automating the reuse of materials in architecture can fill this gap by connecting actors across the value chain.

Project background

The project addresses the transition to climate neutrality and resilience through socio-technical innovations in urban planning and design. This postdoctoral position offers an exciting opportunity to contribute to the advancement of circular construction by developing and testing tools for the exchange of reused building components in various European cities. The work conducted will operate at the intersection of diverse digital technologies, economic considerations, and logistical aspects with the ultimate goal of connecting supply and demand across the circular value chain to maximize the recovery of existing resources in the built environment.

Job description:
  • Development of tools and matching algorithms to facilitate reuse practices in construction
  • Identification of material flow dynamics and reuse opportunities in different geographical contexts
  • Engagement with stakeholders such as government entities, NGOs, consultants, etc. for adoption of the developed tool
  • Validation and testing in pilot projects

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