Researcher Urban Sustainability Transitions

TU Delft - Delft, Netherlands

apply before March 23, 2023

Tasks: Planning & Design, Research

Topics: Policies and Cooperation, Urban Transformation

Type: Full-time

Experience required: Experienced

Language: English is sufficient

Job Description

We are inviting applications for a position of a researcher in the Department of Urbanism.

The researcher will join an interdisciplinary team of spatial planners and urban designers.

The main task for the researcher is to contribute to work on Urban Planning and Design ready for 2030 (UP2030) Horizon Europe project.

By leveraging urban planning and design, UP2030’s overall objective is to support cities in driving the socio-technical transitions required to meet their climate neutrality targets, helping city stakeholders and local authorities put neutrality on the map of their communities in day-to-day actions and strategic decisions.

UP2030 will support mainstreaming the climate neutrality agenda using urban planning and design as a vehicle for also enhancing the liveability of urban communities. The emphasis on liveability will connect the urban planning and design approaches to the provision of multiple socio-environmental benefits and pursuit of spatial justice, foremost at a neighbourhood scale.

The project will focus on a group of pilot cities to:

1) engage stakeholders to map their needs and develop visions for transitions;

2) develop climate neutrality implementation roadmaps, including selection of packages of tools and methods for experimental actions to be tested in neighbourhoods;

3) up-skill and upgrade capacities for urban planning and design transformation pathways;

4) upscale the solutions tested for a city-wide impact;

5) promote the international uptake of those.

The researcher recruited with this vacancy will mostly focus on the second, that is, collecting, classifying and helping pilot cities choose and apply participation tools for supporting transitions, and exploring how these different types of tools work together.

The researcher will also contribute to formulating policy recommendations and strategies for the pilot cities.

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