PhD Reworlding Urban Cultural Heritage

University of Limerick - Limrick, Ireland

apply before December 15, 2023

Tasks: Research

Topics: Empower & Participate, Heritage, Culture, Art, Urban Transformation

Type: Full-time

Experience required: Entry-level

Language: English is sufficient

The REWORLDING Doctoral Network, funded by the Marie Skłodowska-Curie Action, connects 11 doctoral students across Europe to address socio-environmental challenges. These challenges are experienced differently by various actors and communities, leading to societal polarization and a need for participatory design approaches. The network aims to develop a careful and situated Participatory Design approach that brings together diverse actors, including both humans and non-humans (e.g., plants and rivers). The goal is to understand and create synergies between different worlds, fostering interdisciplinary methodology, collective learning, and participatory action research. Non-academic partners are involved to address socio-ecological issues from diverse perspectives. The network identifies and develops design capabilities to tackle social and ecological challenges, translating them into specific skills and training. The program includes lectures, training, summer schools, webinars, and assemblies to engage with stakeholders at various scales and align with European and international programs like the SDGs and European Green Deal.

The specific doctoral student position focuses on engaging communities in urban revitalization, regeneration, and heritage preservation. The candidate will collaborate with local organizations and community groups to balance modernization and sustainability with cultural heritage preservation. The goal is to advance Participatory Design frameworks and methodologies for such collaborations. The candidate will have secondments in Belgium and the Netherlands and must be flexible in their commitments. Essential selection criteria include relevant academic qualifications, strong analytical skills, independence, teamwork, communication skills, participatory design skills, and MSCA eligibility. Strong merits include experience with cross-sector collaborations, multi-stakeholder processes, and smart city technologies.

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