Assistente di direzione

Ricehouse - Biella, Italy

without deadline apply as soon as possible

Tasks: Administration, Communication, Management

Topics: Circularity, Innovative Constructions, Natural Materials

Type: Full-time

Experience required: Experienced

Language: Local language(s) needed

Ricehouse is a start-up born in northern Italy, in the area where 90% of Italian rice is produced.

The company uses organic residues, such as rice straw, husk and chaff, from the rice industry and cultivation and creates natural construction materials. Ricehouse introduces these raw products into the construction cycle and at end of their service life they return to the natural cycle.

In an innovative way the company coordinates and controls a short supply chain, creating new economics from the field to the construction site. Working as a developer and coordinator of a supply chain, together with highly qualified partners, Ricehouse produces thermal insulating plasters, finishings, lightweight screeds and prefabricated panels.

The company strongly believe that turning organic waste into a source of value is a key feature of the circular economy and from several years promotes the use of rice waste from short supply chain.

During the years of theory and practice the company got impressed by the efficiency of the construction materials that derive from rice residues in terms of energy and acoustics performance and furthermore by their healthiness and eco-compatibility.
The materials created by the company are based on technological and ethical principles and transform the house into a life-living organism.

L’Assistente CEO sarà il supporto principale assumendosi la piena responsabilità di filtrare e gestire per priorità i contatti esterni, sgraverà il coinvolgimento del Ceo nei processi aziendali interni ed esterni, dando le priorità al mantenimento di un programma impegnativo in modo fluido, efficiente, produttivo. Nello specifico il ruolo sarà focalizzato sulle attività elencate di seguito, ma non limitato alle medesime:


  • Gestione delle relazioni interne (tutte le comunicazioni con collaboratori) ed esterne (gestione tutta la comunicazione esterna verso giornalisti, clienti, fornitori, università, scuola, aziende) e di tutta la rispettiva comunicazione
  • Preparazione presentazioni in Indesign per i diversi eventi (convegni, manifestazioni…)
  • Redazione di tutta la documentazione a supporto di eventuali progetti, eventi, bandi
  • Pianificazione e coordinamento eventi aziendali e altri progetti speciali.
  • Gestione del calendario del CEO


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