Hands-on fellow worker

Critical Concrete - Porto, Portugal

without deadline

Tasks: Communication, Hands-on & Crafts

Topics: Circularity, Community Engagement, Empower & Participate, Innovative Constructions, Natural Materials

Type: Freelance, Internship, Other, Part-time

Experience required: Entry-level

Language: English is sufficient

Critical concrete is currently restructuring our activities in order to serve better their mission:

  • Starting the full-on refurbishment of our headquarters to offer a quality space for local activities, workshops, as well as to showcase what high-quality but affordable sustainable architecture looks like.
  • They aim as well to strengthen our economical model and team structure, to give a longer term perspective to our activities.

To accomplish these objectives, we are looking for people willing to get their hands dirty, learn and apply sustainable construction methods on our headquarters, principally, if not exclusively.

We’re looking for people excited to be working hands-on 90% to 100% of the time. During the placement, we will refurbish our entire 650m2 project space. This mad task will be done over the course of the next few years.

There can be a small portion of the job that involves documentation of the work, through video and photography, so if you have these skills, great!

The positions for the year 2024 are 3 days a week, in two batches:
  • From February 1st until of July 31st 2024
  • From October 1st until March 31st 2025

Working hours are from Monday to Thursday or Tuesday to Thursday, 9 to 18h, again, depending on the work flow. Grant allowance depends on the programme: 500€ for ESC, 350-750€ for Erasmus+ Internships.

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