PhD - Circular economy of mineral construction materials and demolition waste

University of Turin - Turin, Italy

apply before May 23, 2023

Tasks: Engineering, Research

Topics: Circularity, Policies and Cooperation, Urban Transformation

Type: Full-time

Experience required: Intermediate

Language: English is sufficient

Construction sector is characterised by intensive consumption of raw materials, with a high production of waste and scrap. A key objective is to reduce construction and demolition waste (CDW) by moving from linear to circular management models. Despite directive 2014/24/EU highlights the key role of public clients, Green Public Procurement is still poorly adopted. There are difficulties in including sustainability criteria in tender documents, mainly due to a lack of staff training and skills. The research aims to investigate the role of public clients in promoting sustainable practices by defining an information modeling-based method to help integrate and evaluate CDW waste minimisation criteria from the design and tendering stage. Construction companies can thus be encouraged to renew business models according to circular economy principles.

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