PhD in Decarbonising construction materials

University of Nottingham - Nottingham, United Kingdom

apply before April 24, 2023

Tasks: Engineering, Planning & Design, Research

Topics: Circularity, Innovative Constructions, Urban Transformation

Type: Internship

Experience required: Intermediate

Language: English is sufficient

Project Description

The construction sector has a major impact on the environment, including a significant amount of waste being generated, along with high water consumption and particulate matter in cities.

When it comes to greenhouse gas (GHG) emissions the construction value chain is accounting for up to 25% of global GHG emissions, mainly driven by two components: raw material processing and buildings operation.

Climate change and depletion of non-renewable resources have driven decarbonisation strategy plans to promote the transition towards a circular economy. Investment in net-zero construction materials is necessary to meet the COP26 climate goals.

Biomass-based construction materials have been identified as low-carbon materials that reduce energy consumption and over-exploitation of natural geomaterials.

Biomass and recyclable materials have the potential to be used to produce materials for civil and geotechnical applications. Research has focused on the feasibility of eco-efficient materials in engineering practice mainly to produce building materials.

This project aims to:

  • Evaluate the properties of biomass-based and recyclable materials
  • Study of the mechanical characteristics and energy efficiency of the newly developed construction materials
  • Assess the efficiency of the developed materials in targeted civil and geotechnical engineering applications

The position is available to start in October 2023.

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