PhD - reused materials in circular building

Eindhoven University of Technology - Eindhoven, Netherlands

apply before May 5, 2023

Tasks: IT & Programming, Research

Topics: Circularity, Innovative Constructions, Urban Transformation

Type: Full-time

Experience required: Experienced

Language: English is sufficient

Eindhoven University of Technology is an internationally top-ranking university in the Netherlands that combines scientific curiosity with a hands-on attitude. Our spirit of collaboration translates into an open culture and a top-five position in collaborating with advanced industries. Fundamental knowledge enables us to design solutions for the highly complex problems of today and tomorrow.

The building and construction sector is responsible for too large shares of raw material consumption, energy consumption, water consumption, construction and demolition waste, and CO2 emissions. In reaction, the EU plans to boost the continent’s transition to a circular economy. The Netherlands are one of the pioneers having set the ambitious goal to make the construction sector 100% circular by 2050. The transition to a circular building sector requires a fundamental shift in the ways we design, build, and maintain buildings.

The main objective of this PhD project is the development of new design (decision support) tools through digitization and computation to boost the integration of reused materials and components in circular building design.

You will analyze exemplary built case studies of component reuse, conduct interviews with practitioners, develop a typology of designing with reuse, identify key bottlenecks and information needs of designing with reuse, and develop design (decision support) tools to boost the uptake of reuse materials and components for circular building.

You are expected to perform scientific research in the described domain, publish work in scientific journals and present at conferences, collaborate within the research groups as well as with external partners, and assist the staff in teaching undergraduate and graduate students.


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