Capacity Building Officer

European Urban Initiative - Lille, France

apply before April 14, 2023

Tasks: Communication, Management, Research

Topics: Community Engagement, Empower & Participate, Policies and Cooperation, Urban Transformation

Type: Full-time

Experience required: Experienced

Language: English is sufficient


Capacity Building Events

  • Contribute to the preparation of concepts for capacity building events that may be country-specific, targeting a cluster of EU Member States, or EU-wide: identification of relevant topics, objectives and appropriate formats building on inputs from the European Commission, URBACT, EUI Innovative Actions and Knowledge and Capitalisation activities, Urban Agenda for the EU partnerships and EUI partners (e.g. Eurocities, CEMR, Committee of the Regions).
  • Oversee the preparation and delivery of capacity building events: launching relevant procurement processes, monitoring and supporting the work of EUI experts involved in curriculum design and delivery, and the event management service provider supporting the logistical and technical delivery of the event.
  • Contribute to the development and animation of a ‘space for exchange’ on sustainable urban development with all the relevant stakeholders with a view of creating in the longer term a ‘capacity building community’ within the EUI Knowledge Sharing Platform (“Portico”)

Peer learning activities

  • Provide support to applicants and approved beneficiaries of city-to-city exchanges and peer reviews: providing information, advice and contributing to the development/finetuning of templates and guidance.
  • Monitor and approve activity reports and financial claims from approved beneficiaries.
  • Oversee the work of EUI experts involved in peer learning activities: launching relevant procurement processes, monitoring, and supporting their work.
  • Contribute to review and finetune existing EUI capacity building methodologies as required.
  • Contribute to the development of new methodologies aimed at supporting access to knowledge and know-how on sustainable urban development e.g., handbooks, toolkits, online courses/webinars, videos, social media products, etc. aimed at building the capacities of cities as well as benchmarking good practices.

Initiative Implementation

  • Contribute to the development, implementation and updating of the Initiative (meetings, working groups; studies; work planning and reporting, data collation and analysis etc.) on issues related to capacity building and also in view of ensuring a coherent value-chain with other Initiative activities and with the urban contact point network.
  • Contribute to the development and implementation of a ‘technical coordination mechanism’ with the URBACT programme to ensure joint working and synergies of relevant respective capacity building activities.
  • Contribute and participate in the elaboration and improvement of methodologies, process, tools and templates
  • Prepare and follow-up of public calls for tender and calls within the EUI pool of experts in support of capacity building activities.
  • Contribute to the publicity, communication and dissemination of the Initiative in coordination with the Knowledge and Communication Unit
  • Participation in public events
  • Input into Initiative evaluations
  • Assistance in the coordination and exchange with other programmes and networks (e.g. URBACT, Eurocities, CEMR, Committee of the Regions, Interreg Europe etc …)

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