Carpenters for environmentally friendly spaces & modular homes

MWD MAKERS - Carmarthenshire, United Kingdom

without deadline

Tasks: Hands-on & Crafts

Topics: Circularity, Natural Materials

Type: Full-time

Experience required: Unspecified

Language: English is sufficient

MWD Makers are looking for Carmarthenshire-based plumbers and skilled carpenters to work alongside us building unique beautiful cabins and modular homes! Get in touch via DM if you have recommendations.

MWD Wales, situated in the picturesque town of Llandeilo, is surrounded by the allure of castles and the captivating scenery of the Tywi Valley. Drawing inspiration from the Welsh landscape, MWD Wales specializes in architecturally designed micro-buildings that are not only environmentally conscious but also energy-efficient. Their product range encompasses a variety of contemporary eco glamping pods, garden studios, home offices, and tree houses.

MWD Wales takes immense pleasure in the art of handcrafting, a commitment to using natural materials, and a deep appreciation for life’s uncomplicated pleasures. Every design they produce is meticulously handcrafted within the confines of Wales, maintaining an unwavering dedication to upholding the highest standards of quality. Their overarching mission is to kindle a desire for sustainable and low-impact living, ensuring that this lifestyle choice remains accessible to all individuals seeking it.

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