Climate and Green Buildings Lead

Reall Limited - Coventry, United Kingdom


Tasks: Communication, Planning & Design, Research

Topics: Empower & Participate, Innovative Constructions

Type: Full-time

Experience required:

Language: English is sufficient


apply before November 18th in 2022

++ Reall is an innovator and investor in climate-smart affordable housing for people living on low incomes in urban Africa and Asia.

The world is urbanising at an unprecedented rate. Urban populations are projected to grow by 2.5 billion in the next three decades, with 90% of this growth in Asia and Africa. Currently at least 1.2 billion people live in substandard housing with 300 million new homes needed by 2030. As buildings already account for 32% of emissions in Africa and 24% in Asia it is clear that we cannot separate housing and climate agendas. Instead we must seek solutions which can meet shelter, inclusion and sustainability goals concurrently – and urgently.

Reall’s purpose is to improve the lives of 100M people in urban Africa and Asia by 2030 through climate-smart affordable housing.  We’re doing this because homes are not only a fundamental human right but they provide the platform for gender parity, climate resilience, clean air, renewable energy, and socio-economic justice. Climate-smart, affordable homes offer a solution to both mitigating this risk and building resilience in the most climate-vulnerable communities.

More about the position here.

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