Beauftragtenstelle für gemeinwohlorientierte Immobilienangelegenheiten (GI)

AKS Gemeinwohl - Berlin, Germany


Tasks: Communication, Management

Topics: Community Engagement, Policies and Cooperation, Urban Transformation

Type: Part-time

Experience required:

Language: Local language(s) needed

Gemeinwohlorientierte Stadtentwicklung e.V. – BERLIN, GERMANY

apply before October 4th in 2022

++ The AKS Gemeinwohl (Working and Coordination Structure for Urban Development for the Common Good) supports the cooperation of urban society and the district office in Friedrichshain-Kreuzberg for urban development for the common good. In the sense of permanently securing affordable and accessible spaces for city users as well as general transparency, participation, sustainability and equality in the context of urban development processes, it works together with the administration. It supports initiatives and tenants in their self-organisation and networking, e.g. by providing infrastructure and by promoting the exchange of knowledge and experience. AKS Gemeinwohl is constantly developing to meet the current needs of community-oriented urban development in Friedrichshain-Kreuzberg. The team consists of four staff members: One position is located in the office of the district councillor for building, planning and cooperative urban development. At the civil society organisation, Gemeinwohlorientierte Stadtentwicklung e.V., three further positions are responsible for welfare-oriented real estate matters, the coordination of the cooperation between organised civil society and the administration. between organised civil society and the administration, and for public relations and communication. and communication.

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