Tour Guide "Berlin Migration Stories"

querstadtein - Berlin, Germany

without deadline

Tasks: Education

Topics: Community Engagement, Empower & Participate, Policies and Cooperation

Type: Part-time

Experience required: Unspecified

Language: English is sufficient

querstadtein is a non-profit association that connects political education to urban spaces. On our tours, people who are usually talked about have THEIR say. In our city tours “Berlin Migration Stories”, people from different countries share their personal experiences and individual perspectives from their past and present.


The purpose of our tours is to raise political awareness between different groups of the society through firsthand lived experiences of individuals who live here, like you! You are free to talk about the topics of your choice.

Some examples of the related topics are:

  • The reasons why you are in Berlin (or why you left your hometown)
  • Places in Berlin that you can relate to and the reasons why.
  • Your current life in Berlin, what you like and dislike about it, and how it differs from other places where you have lived.
  • Themes that you can relate to as climate change, post-colonialism, processes at Europe’s external borders, racism, war, sanctions, solidarity, intersectionality, or everyday life in your place of origin.
  • Answering questions of tour participants

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