Who is behind
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We are Vadim & Melana, and our joint journey is a tapestry of learning, sharing, and collaborating with like-minded individuals to promote and experience sustainable practices in architecture & urbanism.

Melana’s background in urban planning and genuine passion for architecture complements Vadim’s expertise in social and spatial dynamics and international cooperation.

Celebrating the launch of build_shift in 2022


Our mission resounds with a common purpose – empowering others with the impetus and tools to create a fairer world, all while embracing the essence of fun and optimism.

Together, we created and founded build_shift, an initiative that started as a curated collection of job offers in sustainable architecture and urbanism and is now evolving into a dynamic hub of resources, inspiration and connection. We envision build_shift as the first go-to place and digital companion for anyone who is up and ready for revolutionizing the built environment sector.

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We are lucky enough to work with amazing people!





Previously with us: Ginni(2022-2023), Shug(2023)

Find here some projects we did in the past


One of our earlier joint achievements was the creation of criti.co, an online learning hub for sustainable architecture and urbanism. This platform serves as a valuable resource for individuals seeking to gain knowledge and insights into sustainable practices.

Postgraduation Sustainable Architecture

One of Melana’s highlights is also the development and implementation of a postgraduate program in sustainable architecture, which has been running successfully for three years now. This program has seen approximately 60 successful graduates and has been recognized for its excellence and outstanding impact in the field.

Book: Social Ecological cooperative Housing

Here is a nice e-book that Melana helped to edit and translate.

The profiled initiatives and alternative ownership models illustrate the potential of communal practices for a necessary socio-ecological transformation of construction and habitation.

Hands-on projects & articles

Beyond our digital ventures, we worked on different physical projects, some with others, some alone (… and more to come!)

Sources: The graphic is done by Ágnes László, the illustration of the book comes from Vasylysa Shchogoleva and most of the pictures of our past work are done at Critical Concrete.