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We stand for justice and sustainability in the built environment.

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Here you’ll find hand-picked jobs and opportunities within the built environment that are fun, challenging and serious about making a difference. Sustainable architecture, natural building materials, circular construction and the fair and collaborative design of our living spaces are at the heart of our mission.

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How we design our living environment is a crucial part of shaping a livable future for all. Architecture, construction, urban and spatial development, social, cultural and educational actors, we all have the duty and possibilities to counteract, mitigate and adapt to today’s omnipresent challenges of unleashed environmental crisis and increasing inequalities by responding with a vision, with creativity and courage.

For all those who want to contribute to this mission, this page is a good point to start. It’s certain that there is a hell of a lot to do, and even more clear that we cannot simply continue the way we’ve done it. Job and activity profiles need to be re-imagined and redefined. Thinking in strict boxes of who can do what is no longer expedient; educational and professional paths are blurring and have to blur.

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