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How to find a job in sustainable architecture & co using Instagram

What to expect: Tips, tricks, and tested strategy to help you leverage Instagram as a job searching tool.

Navigating the job market in sustainable architecture, construction, and equitable urban/rural development can be quite challenging. While certain job offers are featured again and again on traditional job platforms (often from the same few companies and studios), other offers seem to be hidden in various corners of the internet. And even when you do find a job that seems to be a good fit, it’s hard to know what’s real and what’s greenwashed.

Man looking for a job in sustainable architecture
Where is my next job in impactful architecture or urban development?

Used strategically, Social Media can serve as a valuable tool in uncovering unique job opportunities. In this article, we’ll delve into harnessing Instagram to unearth job prospects aligning with your passion for crafting sustainable buildings, places, and cities. It’s essential to note that this is not about LANDING the job, but rather about DISCOVERING job vacancies in sustainable architecture and co that may be hidden in plain sight.

While these tips are tailored for the built environment sector, they can be seamlessly applied across diverse professional domains, with a general focus on jobs in smaller associations, studios and co.

Turn instagram into your favorite job searching platform

Instagram wasn’t designed to be a job searching tool, but with some strategic moves, you can transform it into a valuable resource. But why should you do this, you ask? Because job opportunities from smaller organizations – those with radical and honest approaches – are rarely found on the established platforms. Many of these excellent opportunities can only be discovered in private channels, or on Instagram.

Collection of announcement for jobs in sustainable architecture
Collection of announcement for jobs in sustainable architecture

If you’re searching for fantastic and inspiring opportunities genuinely committed to making a difference, there are just a few steps to follow to have them appear on your screen.

The first and most important step is to create an Instagram account that is solely dedicated to this endeavor. Start by following studios, initiatives, and organizations that you know, like, and that align with your values. Then let Instagram do its thing by suggesting similar accounts. Dive into the content, click around, follow, and explore. Give yourself some time to dive into the depths of the Instagram network and you’ll be amazed at what you find. Check out the accounts you really like, then check out who they follow. Really lose yourself in it!! (This is your excuse to use Instagram extensively).

Scrolling through Instragram to find jobs in sustainable architecture
Scrolling through Instragram to find jobs in sustainable architecture

Focus on organizations that resonate with the topics and projects you want to get involved in or that are located in the area where you would like to work, even if they’re not actively posting vacancies. Small organizations may not hire frequently, but by exploring many at a time, you increase your chances of stumbling upon fitting job vacancies several times a month. 

Beyond individual organizations, consider following broader networks or umbrella organizations. These entities often act as hubs, sharing valuable updates and information within the field, broadening your network and possibilities. Some that are focused on sustainable and social values in the built environment, for example @buildbyus and of course @build_shift (or directly on our website :). A possibility can also be to follow the Instagram accounts linked to well-known magazines in each country or region (careful: some have a focus on sustainability, but many do not). 

It might also be useful to follow general job-accounts that focus on sustainability topics (for example, @biodesignjobs or @DesignCan) as they might also post jobs relevant to the built environment from time to time. Following the accounts of (local) activist groups, (e.g. from @architects4future (Germany – check out also all the local groups) with very active groups in Austria and Switzerland as well, @ACAN (UK) with groups in Portugal, Spain, Finland, Sweden, Norway, Ireland and counting), @architectes pour le climat (Switzerland), @attitude building collective (Germany), architects declare (many groups in different parts of the world) or @Countdown 2030 (Switzerland) might help you to find the right clue or community.

You see, there are a lot of accounts from the German-speaking world and the UK, but we wish to make it much more diverse, so if you know anything, please share!

Congratulations, you’ve just created your base to discover great opportunities in the sustainable built environment!

If you take this task to heart, and populate your new instagram account with suitable and inspiring organizations dedicated to transforming the way we shape our built and natural environments, looking for a job in sustainable architecture and co. can actually take on the form of laying in bed and scrolling through instagram. If you mostly engage with “hiring” posts from organizations that you like, save them and, if you’re lucky, Instagram’s algorithm will do the work for you.

Many announcement of jobs in sustainable architecture
Many announcement of jobs in sustainable architecture

Some last tips: We’ve observed that many organisation post their job vacancies on Wednesdays or Thursdays. Some use regular posts, while others opt for stories. To cover all bases, keeping an eye on both stories and posts will ensure you don’t miss out on potential opportunities.

Woman sitting in front of the computer and text saying"Let's do it!"
Let’s find jobs in sustainable architecture

If you think you are not ready yet for a job in the field, head over to our educational database, here you’ll find a bunch of programmes (bachelor, master, postgraduate and others) focussing on sustainability and equity in the built environment.

At build_shift, our mission is to bring together the best opportunities on one platform, to make your start or journey in sustainably shaping our built environment more accessible and fun. So if you stumble upon a remarkable job offer that may not align perfectly with your preferences but could benefit our community, simply hit the share button and send it to @build_shift. The same goes for noteworthy accounts sharing opportunities or inspiring organizations that may not be hiring presently but deserve a spot on our radar! Together, we can forge a dynamic hub of transformative opportunities.


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