How it works

What do we actually do?

Working with the urban (or rural) environment and simultaneously focusing on sustainability and fairness can be approached from so many perspectives that there is not one page or one keyword that will help you find all or at least most of the relevant job postings that are out there, no – You might have to scroll on the architecture platform to find the job that one is serious about sustainable construction materials, you might have to scroll on the sustainability job platform to find that one job that has to do with urban sociology, and then it happens that you accidentally come across a nice job on LinkedIn, but you don’t speak the required language or the application deadline was three weeks ago.

But don’t worry, that’s the work we’ll do for you! And you will (hopefully) find many, many nice opportunities that you will like with just a few clicks on our site.

Please be nice.

We’re only human, and we make mistakes. If you see a job posting that you don’t think belongs on a sustainability platform, or an employer that you know doesn’t treat their employees with respect, or anything else that bothers you, please don’t be angry, but share your information and thoughts with us.

You can do this via email, Instagram, LinkedIn, or simply call or text us.

We are here.

Criteria, Tasks & Topics

We decide for ourselves whether and when we publish which tenders. Positions who fulfill the following criteria are generally accepted:

  • The positions deal with the question of how the (built) environment can become more sustainable. We understand sustainable as a term that includes ecological, social, cultural and political dimensions. We deliberately do not want to set any more restrictive definitions and prefer to decide on a case-by-case basis which jobs we post and which not.
  • The positions are located in organizations or projects that place special emphasis on their sustainable impact (mostly associations, foundations, NGOs, universities, educational institutions, cultural institutions, democratic parties, think tanks or social enterprises).
  • The positions are located in Europe and neighboring countries. In very special cases (e.g. mobility projects, remote work or similar) this category can be wiped off.
  • In general, you will find positions for both experts and career changer with us.
  • The organization communicates a clear commitment to a diverse, non-discriminatory, fair and respectful cooperation and environment.

With our filters tasks and topics, we want to break out of the familiar pigeonholes that determine who can do what and how. The first few months will be a trial, and we’ll probably adjust things to what we find. Once we think we’ve found a good set of filters, we’ll explain it in more detail here.

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