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How can I support this mission?

Report a vacancy or an organization

Do you have a vacancy yourself or you came across one that sounded interesting? We are more than happy to receive tips on job offers and will gladly consider suitable vacancies!

Report it here.

Alternatively, let us know via mail, LinkedIn or Instagram. The jobs submitted will be reviewed by us and will of course be subject to our criteria.

Do you know, follow or run a suitable organization that might not have any job offers at the moment, but that we should keep an eye on? Let us know and share it with us! Thank you so much!

Share our platform

If you like what we do and think it could be a useful tool for others – whether it’s people looking for a new challenge or organizations looking for creative minds – share our platform through any channel that works for you, talk to friends and colleagues, or share our posts on social media.

Voluntary Contribution

build_shift is completely free of charge for everyone, it does not matter if you are a job seeker browsing jobs or an employer who wants to point out suitable vacancies.

But: If you like our collection and you think it is helpful for you, you can appreciate our efforts by making a voluntary contribution. You decide when, how often and how much you want to contribute. With this approach, we want to stay independent in deciding which positions to accept and which not, while staying ad-free and free of charge for those who cannot afford to contribute anything.

Why do we believe you will contribute something as a job seeker?

The “all-and-nothing” dimension of jobs that are somehow related to the sustainable design of urban and rural environments sometimes makes it hard to find a suitable job and you can easily get lost and miss amazing opportunities. We can draw on an established and large network of organizations and individuals that we crafted over the last years and we present all these beautiful, carefully curated offers on one page well before the deadline, so you won’t miss that perfect match. In the end, we trust you that you will voluntarily and responsibly contribute for freely available content if you appreciate it and are financially able to do so.

Why do we believe you will contribute something as an employer?

If you call sustainable and fair architecture, construction, urban development & Co your field, you have probably wondered which job board is best to post your pretty niche, not so niche job offer and reach exactly the people you want to reach. We believe that you can reach the right people quickly through our website, and further you can contribute exactly the amount you feel is appropriate for our service and within your budget. In addition, as an individual or organization committed to sustainability and fairness, we believe that you are aware of the importance of mutual support among initiatives that seek to break through dependent and insecure systems.

But how much could I contribute?

If you have no idea how much you could contribute, we suggest the following:

As a job seeker, you can support us with a regular contributions starting from a few euros, depending on, for example, your current work status and the country you live in.

And once you have found the perfect job through our site, we will be happy to receive a one-time contribution of a few percent of your new salary.

If you are an employer, you can support each job posting with an contribution that matches the size, shape and funding situation of your organization and that reflects whether you are an established organization or a rather new one based mainly on volunteer work.

An initial contribution could be 25 euros per post up to a few hundred – look at the costs of other platforms and see what range is suitable for your organization and budget.

You like the platform, but you find the contribution thing rather creepy?

We’re just at the beginning of this journey, of course, and if you want to see how everything goes before you contribute, don’t worry.

(But of course, we’d be thrilled if you trusted us even now and helped us get the whole thing going).

If you’re short on cash, don’t be afraid to contribute little or nothing. It is more important to us that you also find out about the job offers or that you have great applicants than to insist on an amount. If, on the other hand, you don’t care about a few euros, we’d be happy if you voluntarily contribute more. You support many others who are looking for a meaningful job or qualified people, but who may not have much money. And of course you enable us to continue to point out positions freely and independently.

How to make the contribution?

We are working on a safe and sustainable way of making the money transfer possible and hope in the near future we find a way that is not dependent on evil people and processes. But for now you could either send us some money via PayPal at or contact us for a classical IBAN, Revolut or other possibilities.

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Thanks to: The first time we came across the idea of voluntary payments was at, an amazing job board that offers hand-picked jobs in the humanities in Berlin, Leipzig and around. Our current framework concerning voluntary payments is highly inspired by her project.